"Like a Party Ant"

Good News, or great actually =) After spending the weekend dancing with a bunch of people and being tested on teaching kids and doing things with lots and lots of enthusiasm, I ended up with my head full of kids songs, 9 hours on public transportation, 20 hours of education, many hours of studying dances at home at night, some new friends and a job! :D
Starting week 5 I'm gonna teach classes here on the island for kids aged 2-3, 4-5 and 6-8 so I have A LOT of dances and games to learn perfectly by then!! ;) But it will be fun fun and the girl helping me out is sweet and I bet we're gonna have fun times with the little ones :P The classes go on for 10 weeks + a show at the end.
If anyone reads this and knows any 2-3 yearolds that wanna come dance, sign them up NOW cause then I get another class to teach that is now only half filled and "unsure".
So that was a great weekend, now only problem is I have so much homework from school to catch up on and I'm really not in the mood to study. Guess tomorrow will HAVE TO be math day, I'm simply not in the mood and I don't seem to get anything right now. And I have two papers to write for Friday O.o

I'm gonna say night for tonight, go to bed at a decent time (which I will need after a weekend of early mornings) and I can make it through this week!
Oh EXCITING!!! Today I got the copy of "Alice in Wonderland" from last spring's production at HHS!! Watched some of it today and it was so FUN to see all those familiar faces again! Miss everyone so much! <3
Last but not least, here's an adorable clip that I have my dear sister Elsa to thank for. Enjoy! <3
I miss the snow! Now it's all just slush :P
Over and out <3


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