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Hi dearies,

today Da List was up. At first I couldn't find anything besides the fact that Trevor Cox got the part as the Beast. But as I looked, I found Solveig's name next to Belle. Oh. My. God. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Solveig's playing Belle and I'm so excited for her. I feel like the best person in the world, because I'm not jealous at all though she's my sister and normally that would mean that I got madly jealous of her.. But Seriously, I'm just happy that so many lovely people from the Shakespeare Team are in the next show too..! So, once I'd found my name too (candle-seller, mob, assistant stage manager) among the ensamble-people, I was happy. It's sad though about the people who're not staying. Like Kyndal, I've really started to like her a lot. And all the other nice people. But Brian, Tess, Courtney, Jenny, Tyler etc are still in it, so that's gonna be fun. Brian's Gaston, Jenny is the clock guy, Tyler the candle stick.. hahah gonna be fun.

So, tonight we had the first show of A midsummer night's dream. Michelle filmed it so hopefully I'll get it on dvd soon. We have one more show tomorrow, and here's a lovely pic of the wonderful makeup Erica helped us with. She's talented that girl...

My arm that's not covered with growing lillies, it looked like this thanks to Charissa<3 :

This was how I had my hair during the show...:

And here are three of the random pics taken when we got ready for Homecoming Dance ^^


Love you all <3

Postat av: Solveig

Ooh that's such a pretty picture of you in your homecoming dress! Lovely!

2009-10-06 @ 08:42:29
Postat av: Frida

Vart skulle du med det där blåa sminket/tatueringen? :D <3<3

2009-10-08 @ 19:22:21
Postat av: Mamma

så stolt över dig - vad fina bilder!

2009-10-08 @ 19:56:09
Postat av: Elsa

skicka DVDn! :D kan du försöka göra det?

puss <3

2009-10-09 @ 08:06:16
Postat av: Lisa

Solveig-you're cute ^^

Frida-jag var en älva i En Midsommarnattsdröm som vi hade föreställning av måndag och tisdag, så jag var sminkad som en också ^^

Mamma-hihi tack <3

Elsa-ska se vad jag kan göra, har inte fått den ännu men men ^^ puss

2009-10-09 @ 08:17:57
Postat av: Frida

Jaha, då förstår jag:) Jag trodde först att du hade haft det på homecoming, haha:P <3

2009-10-09 @ 16:39:55

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