If we shadows have offended

Guess what?
My 4 days weekend's gonna be awsome anyway. Tomorrow morning we leave for Salt Lake City. Going to Snooty and the beast as well as going to a haunted hourse rated as one of the 10 scariest in the US. Saturday's gonna be spent in Salt Lake, and then we're gonna se the real musical of Beauty and the Beast.. Also, we'll meet Ingela sunday before returning to the south.

Monday we have the Drama Party inkluding Bowling and watching the film :) It's gonna be awsome ^^
You know why there's a 4 days weekend? It's Deer Hunting Weekend så we get out fo school.. weird.

Anyway, then on Tuesday and Wednesday I have crazy many tests that I'll miss ;)

Reason: I will be out of town still. We're going to Solveig's, Krystal's and Kayla's potential colleges on a tour. It's gonna be exciting though I'm not going to college to see a real college. Now she's standing here.  

The following weekend there's a Debate Tournament which I might take part in as an actor with a drama scene... Rich wants me to do the IE but alone, three characters in one person... :)

Then the weekend after that there's the big drama Mascarade so everyone now to go let's listen; Important info will be up soon :)

Crazy week coming up right? If you only knew...

Going to sleep now ^^ Sleep well! <3

Postat av: sara <3

hej! tacka solvey!!! och vi får ses på skype sen nån gång. :) Elsa ska ha en liten fest imorrn typ eller nåt... hihi! kul! men vi ses väl ra?

tusen pussar och kramar till Dig!

LOVE!!! <3 ;) :D :P

2009-10-16 @ 21:38:21
URL: http://sassamie.blogg.se/
Postat av: mallan

fin blogg, kolla gärna in min om du har tid!

2009-10-17 @ 13:08:28
URL: http://rosamallan.blogg.se/
Postat av: Elsa

kolla min blogg och njut av hur underbart duktig din hund är <3

jagkan lika gärna säga - affe är nu klubbmästare i medium på LHU <3 WIIEE! <3

2009-10-18 @ 19:16:03
URL: http://elsa94.blogg.se/
Postat av: Lisa

Woooh was I tired when I wrote this or what?? :P haha ^^

2009-10-19 @ 05:48:27
URL: http://lisaangel.blogg.se/
Postat av: Solveig

Hahaa I was just looking at it and thinking the same thing...you can hardly read it! It's worded so strangely and it's all so random...you cutie. :P

2009-10-19 @ 07:09:28

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