I'm back from the awsome weekend in Salt Lake City ^^

Gonna post one post about each day, and here comes the first one. Friday.

Leaving early in the morning - well about 9.30 at least - we drove north during most of the day. We passed through the rocky mountain, and saw the beautiful leaves turn red and orange.


After arriving to the hotel in SLC, we took a walk to Temple Square to see that, and got some pictures there too...

That evening, we went to see Snooty and the Beast which was a very funny version of the old tale. We also had dinner in front of the show, and the whole house was just like old western-ish ^^ I liked it a lot.

The show contained quotes that were quite memorable like "And as Beauty walked through the woods, she felt very lonely. She felt more lonely than a democrat in Utah County" x)
Or "And they named their daughter Belle. When their next daughter was born, they weren't as impressed. They named her Average." And wonderful things like Edward Toilet-brush-hands ^^ It was trully a very funny show =)

I almost forgot to write about what me and Solveig did after that ^^

In SLC, there was a big Haunted House called Nightmare on 13th, and it had been rated top 10 in the US. Of course we had to visit :P

There was a long line, but we had prebooked VIP tickets so we just entered into the nightmare. I think one of the scariest things in there was the last room of the normal section.. We chosed to go on to the Xtreme part, which was horrifying. ANyway, that last room... Me and Solveig were walking behind a group of girls, and as they rounded a corner we heard them scream and they came backing towards us in horror. We peek around the corner in the half-dark light, and see a man in a circular room, going crazy on the floor with a chainsaw! As we approached he turned towards us, and started following us around the room with the saw behind out feet. Screaming and running around we tried to find the exit, but it was really hard to tell where the door was and we all freaked out.

Solveig survived through the thing quoting Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream aloud xP I joined her on some of the scariest parts, like when Jigsaw was walking around breathing in people's ears, or when we walked by Samara in front of a TV screen showing "The Ring".... That freaked me out a lot more than her since she hasn't seen those movies. And though it was kinda embarrassing - we got some funny looks from monsters and other people in there - it worked! ^^

It really freaked me out. Well at least I got to scream my lungs out at Jigsaw, using all the male deep voice I could master ^^ hahaha


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