Fairy, Lion, Vampire or what?

You all know how obsessed I used to be with Twilight... I've actually seen the movie about 19 times I think it was, and so I know it all - every line and piece of music - and that's such a waste of brain capacity... lol hehe

Anyways, I took a lot of pictures in the Green Room during the show of A Midsummer Night's Dream, and in one of the pictures Gareth looks crazy much like Edward Cullen! I can't help but noticing it, so I told Solveig and she agreed and said I should compare with a pic of Edward... Here's the result. It's scary.

Let's just put some white make up on Gareth's face and tada! It's creepy! But somehow a little weird and funny too. Gareth did look pretty scary with all that make up on, and his hair standing straight up like Edward's does.. Oh well, this was just a little weird observation by me. I hope Gareth doesn't eat Emelie ^^

Good night :)

Postat av: sara <3

ååh! coolt! jag gillar din bild på dig i din header! du vet den där, du med en litet blått märke bredvid ögat! den du har 2 gånger! It´s nice! have fun and read my blog! jag har skrivit om dig där!

2009-10-14 @ 18:44:13
URL: http://sassamie.blogg.se/
Postat av: Solveig

:P Heehee...

2009-10-15 @ 08:41:53

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