Do you see what I see?

This first song is the one that me and four other girls are choreografing to in Dance class. It's a lyrical jazz piece, but it turns out really well already though we've only had two classes to work on it, yet. We will perform it for the rest of the class in a few weeks. Isn't it beautiful? :)


These are some examples of the songs that we sing in Ladies Choir, and that we will use for our Christmas Concert. Enjoy ^^


Hope you realise that's not us singing up there in the video. Just some random choir from youtube. We are only about 30 people in our choir :)

Now I have to do lots of homework. Booooring. See ya <3

Postat av: sara <3

hej lisa! kolla din mail om du inte har gjort det på länge! jag har mailet dig!

men ha det bra! vi hörs!


2009-10-29 @ 09:06:22
Postat av: Anonym

wonderful <3


2009-10-29 @ 10:00:35

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