And now I'm caught in the middle

Yesterday I drove for like 2 hours, and on the freeway on top of that! It was scary at first, thinking how I've never left the island behind a wheel before, but it went well and I think I did great for a first time. Didn't hit anything, didn't cause any traffic chaos, didn't freak out and even managed to park nicely when we stopped for some shopping ^^
Today I've worked out and been lazy :P Isn't it awesome to have fall break? ;P Happy Halloween everyone :)
mysilentfireworks:  I’m posting this because all over tumblr, from when I first came on this site until now, a day hasn’t gone by that I haven’t  seen a picture with the caption “I wish I were thin…” or something very similar.  And my message is to all other girls out there — not that men don’t deal with self esteem issues, but for women, it is particularly hard — and I want to tell you that YOU are BEAUTIFUL.  YOU are SEXY! You are fantastic, incredible, delicious, pretty, gorgeous, and one of a kind.  I’m not saying this to be cheesy — I’m saying this because our fucking society doesn’t say it enough. Please, love yourselves. And I know that I need to hear this message just as much as anybody else — it’s a constant battle. We have to free and re-free ourselves from our culture’s bonds every day. But please, for your sake — for your own beautiful sake — free yourselves. Because you are beautiful, and you deserve to have the whole world know it.

And desire and love and empty things

Good morning fall break.

The past week has passed really fast, I can't believe there are less than 50 days left til Christmas Break!! ^^
So yesterday turned out.. alright. I was going to hang out with Louise and Cecilia, but then Louise had to pack and Cecilia didn't reply to my texts or calls so I decided to watch Idol with the parents half asleep.. Drove Sara to her halloween party (yay me driving!) and then went and picked her up again (mom in the car ofc.. still only has my permit not my license) as well as Tessan when she got off work, and hung out with her, having awesome raspberry smoothies that dad made. So an alright evening. Thanks Tessan for being there <3
I then stayed up til way late (shouldn't have, really) and reread all the comments and cute stuff in my yearbook... goooosh I miss everyone so much! Even the people I had a hard time really liking, I freakin miss you all. Then talked to Solveig for a little bit, who had just been to a HHS drama rehearsal as she's visiting down south.. so yeah not in the best mood as I fell asleep, so "awaysick" (as a contrast to homesick)..
Woke up to my alarm at 7.30 am (I know, eeeearly!!) to really wake up in time for my skype date with the girls in Apple Valley since Kayla and Solveig are down there right now. Unfortunatelly, they didn't show up (log on) and so there I sat for 1,5 h and did nothing on my comp. Just couldn't go back to sleep..
Now I'm watching a movie, and later (in a bit) I'm going to my brother's house and hopefully I'll get to drive there!! That's like freakishly far away. I've only driven on the island so far, where max speed is 70 km/h... This will be interesting ;P
Loves to everyone who has the spirit to have a good time <3

Throwing rocks at your window

Just got back from taking the swedish version of the ACT, Högskoleprovet. Been there all day, from 8am til 4pm.. yay :P I think it went alright, it felt ok and if I do poorly it's just my first time and I can take it three more times before I'm even out of high school ^^ So yeah I'll be fine either way :)

Btw Mom dear mom I know you always read my posts too ^^ <3
So yeah, it's been an exhausting day but I'm glad I did it. Now I need some relaxed sleepy time ^^ Was thinking about doing something tonight, since I have no real homework for monday, but realised I'm too tired to move..
Thanks to this site, I knew what it was all about :P Awesome site about the test :)

My sister doing her homework. isn't in awesome?! LOL

You might as well quit, if you haven't got it

I know I haven't blogged in a bit, but I have to blame it on Google Chrome... it keeps dying when I'm in the middle of writing and that always makes me lose my "in the moment want to write-ness" :P

I will hope for the best though and make a post that will hopefully get to the blog :)
Geez it's been a while. Only got three faithful readers haha you guys rock <3 Thanks for comments ^^ Laura dear I'm glad you like my poetry ;) and I'm glad we got to talk some the other day :) Need to do that more <3
Solveig; glad we talked too, missed that and it totally made me all hyper girlish to talk to you again <3
Trevor; just thanks for being there :* always having time for me and my moods.

So what's been up? Well... I started working out last Thursday and did it this past monday too, must say I feel pretty awesome that I've gotten started, and hopefully I can keep it going :) The gym is great, and I actually enjoy it =P
Hmm... Friday I had a very nice chat with Louise after school, and "fika" (gotta make up a word for that, Americans!), and Saturday I hung out with Cecilia, Louise and Nina all evening which was absolutely awesome and I realised how small of a world we live in. Turns out apparently everyone knows someone who knows you :)
Sunday I studied. end of sentence.

So I worked out again on monday, as I said, and tuesday.. yeah that day was somewhere inbetween there.. Mostly just looked over physics stuff and slept. Didn't feel too good.
Today I had the big physics A test and I think it went ok, didn't manage to answer all questions properly but still think I did a great job for however hard that test was.
Also today I've for the first time used some of the knowledge I got from Mr Parker's US History Class in Hurricane! ^^ We listed to Martin Luther King Jr's Speech "I have a dream" today in Speech A class, and he says "We hold these thruths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal" and my teacher didn't think anyone'd know that quote so it impressed him quite a bit when I could quote it from the Declaration of Independence in the Constitution of the USA ;) Oh yes, it's all still stuck in there Mr Parker, no need to worry..
And most of the Amendments I can still tell which number is which one :P So it wasn't a completely wasted year ;) hehe jk it was an awesome year =)
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed" etc etc xP
Gosh I'm Americanized :P


I feel a bit like someone washed
the waterpaint away.
And I just need you to redraw
your smile and I'm okay.

I feel like you are hiding and
your head is in the sand.
Not realising we are strong,
we just don't understand.

I feel a kind of longing burn,
a need to hold you close.
Please keep in mind that I love you,
a feeling and a choice.

I feel a bit like someone washed
the leaves from the sidewalk.
And I just need you to redraw
your smile so we can talk <3
© Lisa Malmer

Once upon a time I had a life

Three things on the writing schedule today.
First off - YAY ME ^^
I've spent so much time on the math for the big test on Wednesday, and FINALLY I just finished it all and wrote a summary of all the chapters for the test and I still have a few maths I haven't solved but I'll discuss those with dad tomorrow.. Yes my life is school right now. Sadly. I did manage to get to the gym today though and decide I'm starting thursday, and so now I'm gonna need all the pushing I can get to really use this membership and work out ^^
Secondly - Yay me again ;)
I got back my french test that I thought (I seriously was scared) that I'd fail at and that would be baaad but anyways I asked my teacher before class what to do if I got an F, and she said "nothing, just do better next time" and I was waaay worried cause it went terrible and I hate listening tests! Anyways so I found out.. I got an A! ^^ So proud of myself, so shocked and so happy :D
Thirdly. Sad sad me. I just found the pics from HHS Shakespeare Team's Competition on Cheila's fb and geeez I miss you guys so much! :') I'm glad you had a great time, sooo wish I could have been there! Sure I would have loved it too. I miss Drama so much <3 But I'm glad the new council is made up of great people :) You guys rock <3 Loves to you all!!!!

Best thing that's ever been mine

Alright. I wasn't going to put this up here but I just figured it's too pretty to just keep to myself O:) Can you tell who it is? ;P heheh yes I know I'm silly but still ^^ Isn't it beautiful?

You are so wonderful <3

You told me I was pretty when I looked like a mess

Finally this long and slooow week is over. So the speech Monday, then French essay writing Wednesday and History test + french listening test Friday... yay test week ;) History went well, but french listening.. gaah O.ô
This is my 2-year-old niece Siri and me having fun ;) she adores the hair ties, and they make very pretty rings on Lisas fingers, in her opinion ^^ isn't it cute? ;)
So, I adore making cakes ^^ Absolute love it, and to come up with designs and create.. So I made two cakes for Elsa's birthday yesterday, and they turned out pretty awesome =) Oh and coloring whipped cream is great too ;D
Congrats little Sister!! Can't believe you're 16, soon you'll pass me ;P Hope your birthday turned out just as awesome as you hoped :D Tons of love <3

Today is a pretty fall day. But fall's sorta messed up this year. I went for a walk today with Sara and mom and picked beautiful leaves and I found this bush full of berries :) isn't it pretty how there are just millions of them?
But honestly, fall is messed up because there are still flowers in bloom all over, and the bushes that usually bloom in early summer are now getting new flowers.. it's like spring decided to come EXTREMELY early :P
I don't mind though, with the roses still being pretty and the little cute blue, purple and yellow flowers below the red and yellow trees. it's very colorful and pretty ^^ Made me think of Solveig, you would love it dearie <3 Wish you were here.
So we made leaves-stuck-on-paper-thingie
I know I hate fall but today fall was pretty :)

Killing me softly

Happy Cinnamon roll Day!! ^^ Wonderful dad, I came home to find new made cinnamon rolls waiting for us =P So sweet <3
New - believe it or not but it's actually easier to focus on doing homework if I talk to Trevor while doing it. That way, he keeps me from getting on fb or just watch a movie instead, and so I get stuff done ;) and he's helping me out with math too :) Thanks <3

This morning I had my speech, that I held, and I chose to hold the one about the Walrus and the Carpenter from Alice in Wonderland, and believe it or not... I felt awesome, I wasn't nervous like at all, and I got an A+! :D yay now I feel way awesome ^^
Tonight I'm gonna go see Veronica and Tessan at the gym, need to talk to both them and the people who work there. Then I think I will take a slow and sweet evening, being lazy ^^ I deserve it :P Been studying all afternoon since I got out of class at 2. And I need to get well from this slooow and long and boring cold =)

October first - official fall

Sadly, I'm way converted to Google Chrome instead of Firefox.. my internet started acting funny and now I just can't stand that anymore.. Is it silly that I attached to an internet browser...? Yes :P
So, I really felt like doing something tonight but the made plans with Louise decided to not happen so I'm staying home, with my sister and parents, and gonna spend the night both talking to them and to Trevor.. Might sound weird on a friday night, but I am still sick and though going to Louise's house was still ok, I don't feel like doing anything that takes too much action from my side. Need to get well now!! It's been forever since I got sick ;)
So - I've fallen in love with a song again ^^ Though these romances with songs are usually pretty short, this is a good one :P Adore the song, and everyone should hear it <3
Today is October first. It's officially fall, there was frost outside last night and it was too cold to drive this morning so Elsa and I got a ride to school :P Can't wait for the first snow!!! ^^ yaay ;P

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