Midsummer Celebration

Hey there, back from my Aunt's farm where we celebrated midsummer with relatives on my mom's side.. We went there on Friday morning, and stayed til Sunday lunch time. I got lots of nice summer pics, which are mine - taken with my camera - so please don't steal them ^^ That includes you Elsa! If you take mine, I'll come steal yours =P

Oh btw - forgot to mention - Elsa cut off about a dm (10 cm) of my hair Thursday... If you really look, you can tell it's way shorter and very various lengths ^^ I like it, tho it's very weird to have such short hair again...

Here they are... enjoy! (as always - click to see bigger)

Nice pics huh? ^^ Makes me feel so summer-ish :D

I spent Friday feeling faint and tired, and freezing in the hot summer air (hot for Sweden.. heheh) with a little bit of a sore throat. Fell asleep in the sun for long, and pretty sure I had a fever. We all decided to sleep inside and ditch the tent, and we played cards way late til I felt sick and decided to sleep. Didn't sleep too well tho, fever and head ache... isch.. Saturday morning started with me feeling sort of like a dead rat. Thanks a million times to Trevor for helping me through that horrible morning and all that <3 hugs to you ^^
Got up anyways and went to a lake and watched the others swim. Slept on the grass with head phones on. Then on to the small town Nora to have ice cream and looked around there. Then I don't really remember what that afternoon and evening contained, but played more cards that night before the others went outside and slept in the tent, and I stayed inside cause I still felt not too well.. Slept from 1 to 4 ish, then woke up and think I had pretty high fever cause I was sweating yet freezing and was way confused.. O=)

So yeah I've had a pretty sick weekend. Met lots of nice relatives tho. Malin, Lasse and their little Lukas (oh right, that was Sat evening! They were there.. :P ) are sweet and adorable ^^

So I have had a clumsy and weird day... On top of sore throat, head ache, fever and stomach ache... This morning I tripped in the stairs and spilt my tea over my right hand and burned it. Had to put burn-gel on it and it got swollen with blisters, great. Once we got home I caught a big falling bag on my left hand thumb and cracked it backwards so now I have a bandage covering that hand.. I'm stupid.. :P

Oh well, having a girly talk with Solveig so I'll blog more later =) Night <3

Picture attack and a jellyfish sandwish

Long time no writing.. sry about that ^^

I keep us busy, and we've been doing lots of stuff since I wrote last time, at which day we had gone to Gröna Lund. I'm gonna post some random pics from my phone (finally got them off, as dad had to go get a new one cause the flash didn't work on mine, I got the pics off) and while I could also use pics from Solveig's camera, I'm too tired for that... as always, click to see the bigger picture :)

Me in Junibacken ^^

Solveig and I at Gröna Lund's Funpark

The four of us who went to Gröna Lund

Solveig and Max as we watch the crown princess drive by after getting married... Solveig was really the only one who could see anything.. But then again - she's the foreigner here ;)

Solveig's swimming!! And I'm holding her up and as you can tell by the little girl in the pic... it's not very deep ^^ But still :) Good job dear <3

Dad on our boat when we sailed to the center of Stockholm, turned in front of the castle and picked up mom from work..

Elsa and Gaby were onboard

And so was Solveig =)

Alfonz enjoying the wind in front of the front sail <3

And that's where my pics stop for now. Have more on the phone, but those aren't in the comp yet.. Also, the other day Solveig and I had a "birthdays party" with some friends and it was way fun and sweet people showed up =) Thanks you guys <3

Now Solveig's dying to post on her blog, so I'll be done for now :P

Have a Wonderful Midsummer!!!!

Oh one more thing! Gaby showed me this AWESOME clip yesterday hahaha and it was way funny so I'm gonna post the jellyfish song on here for you =) enjoy!


Goodnight! <3

Smile ^^

For you. Thanks for everything you did and still do for me, and how much you mean to me :)

A little here, a little there

I really want to put up pictures on here, but I haven't really figured out how to get them off my new phone's camera yet. So well I'll just have to give you those thousand words that one picture says more than.. :P or not.

Soo.. I think the last post that was actually about something was when I got my phone and we went to Old Town and stuff. Which was almost a week ago. After that we've hung out with Veronica a few times, seen Max some, gone to Skansen (the combined zoo and outdoors museum) with my family, gone to Junibacken (celebration of Astrid Lindgren's famous stories) and today Gröna Lund which is the Fun Park in town.

Those are some of the major things we've done this past week. Can't really think of anything else to say than some thanks. Thank you Pauline for tonight, I have missed you so and you're wonderful <3 Thank you Max for being so Swedish.. <3 Thank you Laura for all the patient comments on my blog ( you're the only one who does so) <3 Thank you Trevor for listening and always making me feel better <3 Thank you Laura and Ida for making sure I feel welcome back here <3 Thank you Solveig for everything you do, jellyfish. Thank you for making me laugh at your stupidity ;) Thanks everyone ^^

It is freakin freezing in here, gotta go hide under the blankets now and fall asleep. Need some sleep after a very long day. Good night =)

Day by day I wake up for you

Friends are the best. Sisters rock. Honestly beats all else. Guys can be angels. Mornings are beautiful. Evenings are perfect. Communication is a shiny key. Moons reflect beauty. Stars are souls. Roads are for walking. Trees give shade. Blue is a mix. Water gives mirrors. Hearts include heartache. Eyes are for you.

Yes random thing I wrote. Absolutely random out of the blue. Night ^^

And you'll be here in my arms

Finally I had Solveig watch Lord of the Rings - the first movie. The ultimate proof that I've been away from home for way long is that I looked for it among our movies, and came to the conclusion that my parents must have thrown it away. Sad, I thought. Asked my dad about it, and then suddenly remembered that I got all three special edition collector's version boxes for my birthday last year... ;P heheh yeah I'm forgetfor that way. Had them all in my room.

Now I have this song stuck in my head, such a pretty song and I really like it. Love playing it on guitar and sing.. Very pretty (A) I really like the lyrics too ^^

Thanks Laura btw for your superlong comment on an earlier post. I hug you too ^^ wish I had arms big enough to hug everyone I know cause hugs are like the best thing in the world and to stay healthy you need 39 of them each day (right Laura?).. <3

Ringing in my head

Sorry I'm so slow at updating my blog, I fill my days with stuff I do with Solveig. Yesterday we went to Stockholm, did some sightseeing and shopping. Then we met up with Elsa and dad and went and got me that new phone I got money for for my birthday. I bought an Xperia X10 Mini. Pretty nice phone, I like it a lot.

During the past week (since monday) I have meet Pauline again, the girls in the old class, my old teachers (both from Hersby and from Käppala since I went to my sisters' end-of-school-year-cermonies.

Have a good one =)

Monday Monday back home

I made it back =) Godmorgon Sverige ^^

After leaving Vegas on Thursday morning, we flew all day and all evening and arrived at midnight, which was 8 am here in Sweden and therefore... a whole day ahead of us ;)

Went to the "outrun" graduation at my high school and met some of my friends, then to a graduation party of a friend of mine. Slept 12 h, Saturday was mostly just being slow, making Solveig feel comfortable around my home etc.. Then Sara's dance show was at 5 in Dieselverkstaden in Nacka, and after that my brother came over with his wife and daughter. I haven't seen any of them for 10 months so that was sweet.

Sunday we celebrated my birthday in the morning and then a bunch of relatives came and visited, all of them people I haven't seen since last summer or even longer.. For example, my cousin Malin's son Lukas, I have never met and he was born in May last year. It's weird to see this little one-year-old that I've never even met.. But he was way cute ^^ Most of the people in my generation, aka my brothers and my cousins, have always been in their twenties or so. Now all of a sudden, they're all having little kids and getting married and such. It's really weird when the main subject of discussion goes from travels, parties and new jobs to diaper sizes and baby toys. Really weird. Malin said in 10 years that will be me. Yeah right :P hahah

Today it's been the first day that everyone's been off to work and school but me and Solveig. We slept in quite a bit, walked the dogs and then hung out with Max all afternoon. Had a great time with him, though we kept talking english cause Max talkes waaay too fast for Solveig to understand any of it.

Anyways, it feels really weird to be home again. I was surprised by the green, after living in a red desert for a year. I still have a hard time remembering swedish words, and I have to translate my thoughts to Swedish. Strange, yes.

Also, my phone got stolen in the US - think I've mentioned that before - so anyone who reads this and feel like I should have their number... Please send it to me in an email or on facebook or something. I have a temporary phone right now (one of my old ones) but will buy a new one soon =) Got some money for it for my birthday.

I really miss everyone back in Utah, it's hard not to. I try to stay positive though, at least I have Solveig with me :D But I hope you all are having a good time. You are wonderful and deeply missed <3

That's it for tonight. Sorry it's been so long since last time. Been sorta busy y'know ;) Night

Got Pics off of my Cell Phone....

...and here are some I wanna share with you all from my year =)

Random pics, yup that's what it is. I'm pretty much done packing now. Las Vegas - here I come!

I said I wasn't gonna lose my head but then...

Sorry I haven't written all weekend. I have been way busy. Last few days here.. yeah..

Friday I hung out with Trevor after lunch, and went to St George with him and walked up by the Dixie Rock and Fat Man's Misery :P It was pretty epic and way fun. He dropped me off at Kyrsten's house where Solveig picked us up and brought us up to Apple Valley. A bunch of people came over, and we had history's most Epic Mudfight!! It was amazing. Then we had a fire and grilled hot dogs. It was way sweet and then some girls slept over. Stayed up til 4 am and played the skittles game and more :P Will put up some pics later when i've gone through them... There are some pretty awesome mud covered pics x)

Saturday I woke up at 7.30 when Laura's dad drove her over cause she wasn't allowed to come over. Fell back to sleep with Laura on the couch and slept til like 11 when we all had breakfast and Trevor came over with a gift for me <3

I went down and hung out with Trevor again, and made Snickerdoodles for Shelly's BBQ party Saturday evening. It was a fun party, great chance to see some people I had to say bye to. Laura, Trevor Michaela and I went to Michaela's house after that and played games til Laura had to go home. I feel asleep in Trevor's arms which he thought was cute ;) heheh so did I ^^

I slept over at Michaela's house but didn't go to bed til 3ish and slept til 1.30 Sunday. We watched Silence of the Lambs in the morning with her mom, before I went on a walk and then back up to Apple Valley to camp out with Solveig. We went out on the go-cart and I made a fire and we had four sleepingbags where were all needed cause it got all the way down to 40 degrees F. Freeeeezing :P

Woke up early and tried to stay calm Monday morning, realising it's my last day here. Solveig helped me pack in the morning, then I went down to Hurricane again to hand back things I've borrowed from people, and say bye to Shelly, Michaela and Laura. It was way sad, and I've spent most of the day crying. Had lunch at Laura's house - BBQ with her family for Memorial Day - and then the hard part of saying bye to Trevor. Don't even know how to explain how painful that was for me <3

Came back up here around 6, to find Kayla, Solveig and Krystal having a girl party with loud music. Went to the Chevron with Krystal and got unhealthiness - which is basically what I've lived off today - and now I'm trying to keep it together. Tomorrow morning I leave for Vegas. Have to finish packing. Crap.

Love <3

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