End up Deaming instead of Sleeping

Everything has been moving really slow lately, and suddenly lots of things happen at the same time. Not going to jinx some things before they are even happening, but one thing I can say is that Trevor and I have booked our tickets for Rome this summer! It's going to be amazing - I just know it - and I am so excited. We are staying at a little hotel in central Rome for 5 nights, and plan to explore a city neither one of us have seen before. Then we have four days at a vineyard south of the city. It looks adorable and charming - so I hope it will be great :)
My outfit for the 20s party
Also, I was super brave the other night as my job had a gettogether for all coworkers at Gröna Lund (the fun park). We competed, ate, had fun and most importantly - I tried on a new ride that I swore I would never get on. It's new for this year, called Eclipse (the worlds highest starflyer), and measures 400 feet tall. I was completely terrified the entire time, but I did it and I am insanely proud of myself!
Tessan and me right before take off...
Seriously, I look at that video and doubt I will ever get on it again. But it was an amazing and thrilling feeling to get back on the ground safely ;)

Basically my life right now is all about studying for my final, which is coming up in little over a week, and waiting and getting ready for someone who lands in Sweden in just a week! Till then....
Mischief Managed ;)

Postat av: mamma

och du ska vara så stolt - modiga du!

2013-05-24 @ 19:06:35

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