Look how it Shines for You

So many things have happened since Solveig arrived on May 31st. First off, my tiny little sister (not so tiny any more) Graduated from High School, and we spent a crazy day making it Her Day. I'm sure it was very spectacular for her though, and I'm glad to have been part in making it special. 
I was also in charge of the cakes, as a graduation surprise to my sister who had wished for these specific cakes. They turned out pretty great, I think. Filled with my homemade chocolate mousse and raspberry cream, topped with whipped cream, marsipan, and decorated with melted dark chocolate. Voila!
Can you tell what it is supposed to look like?
She could :)
Congrats Elsa!

On a different note, my other little sister graduated from 9th grade today, which is also a big deal. Starting High School this fall, and now done with the mandatory schooling of Sweden. She is so big and grown up - I keep getting sentimental about it ^^
Sara (in the jeans shirt) and her friends in our garden
Big sis and little sis

So proud of both my sisters and their great accomplishments this spring. Yay for Summer Break!!!

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och vet du vem JAG är stolt över?

2013-07-06 @ 11:42:40

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