Renaming the stars and counting them all

So grateful right now for the people I have in my life who really care and really try to show how much I mean to them. That naturally makes them mean a lot to me too. So happy that I could have my three girls over yesterday, that they came and visited, came and hugged me, checked out my new place, slept on our bed and filled our apartment with appreciation and smiles. I have missed you girls <3
Pauline, Louise and I
Extra kram till Solveig för att du stressade hit fast att du jobbade på kvällen <3

Here are also some new pics from our move to the new apartment!
 Moving boxes... Been shopping at IKEA.
Putting together furniture..
Our bed corner with one of the ceiling fans!
New table and chairs!
I'll give you more as it gets done, a little bit at a time ^_^

Postat av: Soso

Aw extra kram till dig med gumman!

2013-09-14 @ 15:00:06

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