Beneath the shade of an old walnut tree in Italy

End of June and end of us living at Farkostvägen 1. It's been a great year with good memories and great experiences, but on June 30th we packed up our lives in boxes and bags and moved out. Had some fun cleaning with my mom and my aunt late at night, to add the finishing touches to the apartment before my cousin moved back in. Thanks!
After just two days at my parents (on summer vacation) Trevor and I left for Rome!
What can I say - I've been on a Romantic Getaway with my love and it was Wonderful. Five days in central Rome, living in the middle of the magic at hotel San Remo. A great hotel with a walkable distance to all main attractions, nice service and staff, clean and nice rooms, a big, yummy breakfast and an overall great experience. Very recommended!
After seeing everything from Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Vatican, St Peter's Basilica (even climbed the dome!), Castel Sant'Angelo, City Hall, Colosseum (ofc!) to little cafés, italian food and tons of Gelato (ice cream). 
Then we continued on for five more days on the outskirts of Rome, at a cute little vineyard called Villa Germaine. Wonderful italian food, wine and olive oil made at the villa, pool, sun, thunder and tons of time to spend together just the two of us. Mountainbiking through the grape plantation and watching the sunset together. I love you Trevor for going on this trip with me <3

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bilderna är het underbara.

2013-09-05 @ 19:02:37

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