Ego Boost Day

Today is a day for feeling great and being proud of myself. It's one day in the midst of school, work and more work that is just mine to do anything with, and so I am taking my time to blog a little today, specifically to add some new pics of the oncoming spring :)
Still cold outside but warm enough to go without scarves
 Pauline and I out for a theater night in town 
Teaching my second to last Funkykidz Dance Class - since I move in the fall to college I won't be able to continue. It's heartbreaking and I am going to miss these little kids A LOT!
Still some rain and cold though. I'm hoping may will turn out warmer!
And biggest thing of today.... I quit my job. Feels strange and weird, and I'm really going to miss all the sweet and fun people who I work with. I have another month to do still, but life is definately changing and I can feel a new chapter starting...!!


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