Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, you're only a day away

I've had an insane week.
Monday was nothing out of the ordinary... just being patient and me :)
Tuesday I work an extra shift at ICA.
Wednesday I got an email from the migration board in Sweden saying Trevor's residence permit was approved.
Thursday I get home from work and Trevor's ordered a ticket to Sweden!
Friday I go see the three musketeers-musical at the theater in town.
Saturday I work extra shift at Funkykidz, move out of my old, loved bedroom and into the guestroom for now, and then ICA.
Sunday (today) I work at Funkykidz + ICA all day.
^Me and the sweet sisters <3

And no one has any right to say I lack patience any more - least of all I do - because today a mom to four of the girls who are in my dance groups looked at me and said "You have the patience of an angel" :D


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