You're a mystery, you're from outer space, you're every minute of my every day

Couldn't sleep all night and stayed up till 5 am which resulted in sleeping through most of the day and not even opening my eyes before 1 pm. Since then I have worked on emptying my bag which is a sad business and only results in more chaos in my chaotic room as well as more heart ache and feeling all lonely and lovesick..

Do you remember this?

I'd do anything to go back to this summer with you two <3

Good news is I have come back to a Sweden that is at full speed.. School and work, Physics Test and nice friends who try to cheer me up. Going out today with Tessan and Vivvi for dinner :) I have to pull myself together and put on the smile if I'm gonna survive till next time I can hug you (and do everything I can to make the waiting time as short as possible!)

Postat av: Elsa

titta va mysiga vi ee

2012-01-15 @ 23:31:34

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