I got Life

This past Monday we finally sent in the papers applying for a Residence Permit for Trevor. This would enable him to come live in Sweden for a bit longer than the 3 months he is currently allowed. I am so excited, nervous and happy! But waiting is a pain, and my patience is my weakest quality.
Sorry about how long it's been since I last wrote. I knwo it's not that bad but still.. I'll try to keep it more to a routine. I'm having a rough time at school keeping up with everything, and lots of friends that I haven't seen for weeks that I'm now hanging out with. Also, I'm having one heck of a weekend right now. Busy busy, no rest.

Went with Soso and saw Hair the Hippie musical last night and it was great! Lots of good songs and an amazing group of people acting it out on stage. Lots of nudity (which came as a surprise but was a part of the story) and lots of applause.


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