Turned the day in my favor and now the sun is out

Happy Fat Tuesday!
Today I woke up feeling like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. Chemistry test for 3 hours in the morning, dentist visit to get an acrylic splint (ok totally just looked up that word, no idea that's what it's called..), and hadn't figured out how to make work next week work out with my skiing trip... So much to worry about. But then I thought - HEY. Everything will work out and if it doesn't there is absolutely nothing I can do right now to force it to. I can just do what I am capable of and I need to stop thinking the world will end if I don't manage to have everything under control. Yes. So I went off and took my test, and it wasn't that awful. Didn't do amazingly great, but still feeling alright with it. And I went to the dentist and turns out I don't need that acrylic splint at the moment at least. And texted a friend at work who said he'll cover for me and I can take his shift the week after that. SEE? (Yes Trevor you're right I need to stop stressing about things..)
I think this quote belongs to Henry Ford, but I first learned it from Rich Hill :)

Also - today is Fat Tuesday and all Swedes have Fat Tuesday Buns (aka Semlor). Tradition at its best! <3


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