Jag går och fiskar, och tar en tyst minut

Oh what a day..
First off - Today I got my Math test back. Didn't do great, not as well as I wish I had done and not as great as I know I can do.. But alright. After that the day went on pretty well with a long lunch break, a short English class and a birthday party for my niece who turned 1. Then I came home and started packing my things for sports break which starts next week. Realised - I forgot all my physics books in school. Crap. Big test coming up after the break and was planning to study while up north.. yay for being the stupidest idiot on the planet right now..
More entertaining part of today was finding out my dad had bought SWEDISH FISH to bring on the trip!! O.O I had no idea Sweden had started selling Swedish fish!! I feel like the US is taking over hahah these aren't made in Canada like the American ones though! :P


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