Get funky, get funky

These past few weeks have been busy. Though I didn't start school again like everybody else, I've still worked a few extra days at ICA, and both weekends have been occupied with stuff for Funkykidz. Saturday the 18th I worked on a Funkykidz Event all afternoon, as well as driving around the purple Funky-van throughout town, delivering material to the Events, and picking it up later that evening. Last Saturday I had a workshop all day where we worked on the dances for the coming semester, and got off to a great start through the usual kick-off. We also got jackets, shirts and pants that match, a whole outfit to wear when we work for Funkykidz and during out classes. I'm excited to teach again, even if it makes me nervous too. What if I can't memorize the dances in time, or what if I forget something crucial for the first class... 
I'm sure I'll be fine. After all - I've done it a few times before...
Other than that, life is settling into some slow pace that is both nice and boring. Some days when I sit around the apartment mostly, I feel like I'd rather do anything than that. Even school sounds exciting. Then some times I realise that school was boring too sometimes and that it's habits that are boring. Life is fun, as long as you dare take on new things. Therefore, I am trying to use this extra time that I have to do things that I've never had time for. But at the moment I am - like I said - only focused on learning the moves before I have my first class on Sunday.
 Time to make dinner. It's getting cold outside now, fall's coming quickly. Looking back I miss summer :)
Foto taken by Elsa


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