I wasn't gonna write a blog post. I said I wouldn't, just an hour ago. But I can't help feeling like I have to write some. I need to do something or I'm gonna go insane. I've been home for maybe 10 minutes after the morning trip to the Airport to send Trevor back to the states. Back 5000 miles away, for who knows how long..
I can't do anything now without feeling this big knot in my stomach and lose my ability to breath properly. Trevor's flight took off 7 min ago. I'm back downstairs in our room. Tried to start a movie but not even LotR can put me to sleep like it usually does. just makes me cry.
So this is a rather depressing post, I know, but I just feel sick and sad and keep needing to blow my nose so I'm just gonna leave it at that right now. I feel like crap. Anyone who has the patience to read this short egoistic sad post - congrats. I'll shut up now. Over and out.

Postat av: mamma

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2011-01-09 @ 12:05:55
Postat av: Laura

Ahhhh Lisa. I'm sorry. It'll get easier. I hope it gets better soon. We need to talk sweetie <3 catch up on things! I love you!

2011-01-12 @ 00:10:50

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