Don't blame it on the sunshine

It's only Saturday evening and I've had a great weekend so far already :) Friday at Louise's house making lots of chocolate cakes and practising the tango! Today visiting my great aunt and then shopping with Elsa <3

Great news! A week ago, I was desperately looking for a job. Now suddenly - I have two!

1) I'm hired as a dance instructor for little kids aged 2-8 with Funkykidz
2) I'm starting Monday at ICA (grocery store) to learn how stuff works :)

I'm gonna have my hands full just getting through the weeks but it's worth it. I hope it will be, at least. I'm sure I'll have a blast =) Oh top of this next week, I also have the auditions for next year's musical at my school, and learning all the 25 or so dances before next Sunday when Funkykidz starts :P
Remember this? Dyed my hair a while ago, here's the before and after pics that Elsa insisted on taking :P Click them!

Loves for now <3

Postat av: Elsa

GONRATZZ till jobben hurru! <3

2011-01-29 @ 20:00:17
Postat av: Elsa

och LOVE titeln <3

2011-01-29 @ 20:00:27
Postat av: Elsa

och nu kommenterar jag bara för att spamma. du kmr ba "åh tre kommentarer" så ba: neeej alla från elsa! :P <3 men jag älskar dej ändå! puss <3

2011-01-29 @ 20:00:52
Postat av: Elsa

spammspamm.. okej ja ska sluta <3 kärlek till dej :)

2011-01-29 @ 20:01:12
Postat av: Soso

Next year's musical? You didn't tell me about that! O.o What effect does that have on us?

Yay jobs! AND TANGO!! Why tango? I want tango!! :D

2011-01-30 @ 01:11:46

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