Victory is Red

Wohooo big congrats to both the girls team and guys team from my school who both won the annual game of american football against our green rivals, the Killers. Long live the Hooligans! Check out this great trailer video thingy :)
Also had a great evening, first getting ready with Pauline and having marshmellow santas.. then in town in light snowfall and the football party was fun too :) Danced for a few hours there before heading home. Tiring day, with grandpa's 80th birthday party and all, but fun fun :)
I do find it amusing that my high school in Sweden shares the same colors as Hurricane High in Utah :) We might be the Hooligans while my fellow American students were tigers, but the red and black shines through both. And how strange yet exciting that both Hooligan teams won the annual game this year, the very year that the Tigers finally got their state championship title in the snowstorm :) Isn't it?


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