High on Helium

Oh have I had a wonderful weekend or what?? 
Thursday was just filled with school from 8am-5pm, and then headed straight over to my parents for my mom's birthday party, where tons of relatives, friends and neighbors showed up to celebrate my mom turning 50! Happy Birthday mom! 
Friday was just as crazy, with three lectures in a row on AssociationLaw (8am-3pm), followed by a quick run to the subway and off to Stockholm International Fair to build up the FunkyShow. Only had one show that night, but it was the first show this year so it sure took it's time to get everything sorted out. The helium balloons were very popular ;)
After a few hours of sleep I went back to the same place at 7 am (took the first morning train), for a 15 hours job shift which included filling up TONS of helium balloons, selling them, greeting kids and parents, telling everyone where to be and what to do through the speakers, and taking care of the famous artists who were preforming at the kids' show. Zara Larsson och Mary N'diaye. It was kind of a good time :)
Sunday passed quickly, but suddenly I stood there and had to say goodbye to all of the wonderful kids, parents and friends I have made over the past 5 semesters. It's been a wonderful time and I really hope I can come back some day. I sure know it's taught me a lot and I hope to keep in touch with both parents and fellow instructors! 
But for now - I have made a difference in many kids' lives and I can feel it <3

Postat av: mamama

tackar tackar...

2013-05-22 @ 20:56:14

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