Overworked och Underbar

Tired early morning. Late enoguh that the sun is up and early enough that I haven't had breakfast yet. Can't make myself study dances for work or do anything productive at the moment.. My body still hurts from this weekend. Worked all of it and had no time for anything else pretty much. However four hours of it consisted of dancing through the choreographed dances for this spring semester of Funkykidz. Tiring but so much fun. About 100 adults (instructors) in a big gym, all crawling around pretending to be dogs... Entertaining I'm sure. Would have been fun to watch from above. The last dance was with golden hats that left a somewhat (completely) golden face and hair. Headed straight for ICA and spent 5 hours in the checkout answering that "Yes I have glittery hair because I'm a dance teacher for 4-year-olds". Fun sunday :P
Woke up Monday morning and could barely move. That's what not dancing for two months and suddenly giving it you all does to you. or to me really. Just to pour salt into the wounds I went to try out my Bellydance class at Layali, and stretched out my aching arms and legs. It's been since last May, and still I remembered most of the steps and caught on really quickly. So much fun, would gladly continue for another semester if that group wasn't full already. Sad day.
Good old times. Missed my dance girls yesterday, would have been so much fun to dance with you all again <3


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