Running in circles with you

Lamest excuse in history is bloggers saying "Hi, I'm sorry I haven't written in sooo long.. just been sooo busy..". So I won't do that, just tell you why last time I wrote I was anxiously awaiting my boyfriend's arrival the next day. For obvious reasons such as being in love, being happy, being a senior about to graduate, working two jobs as well as switching rooms with my little sister.... I have not blogged. I've barely checked my email or facebook lately. I am happy and very much alive thought, been to IKEA twice to get new stuff for the room, and been trying to puzzle together my days and still try to sleep at least a few hours every night. I have a weekend of awfulness ahead of me with the ACT (Swedish version), working ICA both nights and Funkykidz Sunday morning. I will be well-dead just in time for easter break to begin Monday. Won't see much of rainy Sweden though, since Louise and I are off Monday morning to PARIS!!! Staying for five whole days and then back home to eat eggs and study my brains to death. Week full of tests comes after that and further than that my calendar does not dare go yet. After that I will sleep. much. Now I'm off to work. Maybe I can grab something to eat before I go so I endure without food till 10 pm tonight. Wish me luck! :D
Hope you like the new look of the blog :)

Postat av: Soso

Adorable! I think this is the best look for your blog yet. And I took that picture. ^^ Love ya sweetie! You can do it all!

2012-03-29 @ 20:25:15
Postat av: mamma

luck luck!

2012-04-18 @ 09:44:46

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